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Goaliath Yard Guard

Goaliath Yard Guard

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Protection from missed shots

The Goaliath Yard Guard protects your lawn and landscaping, allows players to have more efficient practice, and acts as a safety feature. Usually after a missed shot, a player must chase after the ball, wasting valuable practice time. With the Yard Guard, a defensive net basketball hoop system, missed shots stay in the court, allowing the player to quickly retrieve the ball and try again for maximum repetition. The Yard Guard keeps stray balls out of the landscaping and adds safety to your basketball system by keeping balls in the court, so players don't have to chase after them into the street. Spanning over 10 feet wide and up to 8 feet tall, the Yard Guard is a significant barrier between your court and your yard. After using your Yard Guard, the net and poles easily fold into a discreet storage position; simply gather the net and poles along the main pole of your Goaliath system and clip them into place. Then when you are ready to play again, unclip the net and the Yard Guard collapses into place in seconds. The Yard Guard easily installs in minutes by attaching to the main pole of your goal. Included brackets allow the Yard Guard to fit all Goaliath units with a 4"x4" pole.


  • Defensive net basketball hoop system that keeps balls in the court
  • No more chasing balls into the street or landscaping
  • More practice time for better skill retention
  • Easily folds for discreet storage
  • Quickly installs on any Goaliath hoop with a 4"x4" pole (also other hoops with 10 x 10 cm pole)
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