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Goalrilla Medium-Weight Flex Rim

Goalrilla Medium-Weight Flex Rim

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Your Pro-Style Breakaway Rim

It is the most abused aspect of a basketball hoop. The Goalrilla basketball rims are built to the highest levels of safety and durability. Each Goalrilla basketball rim utilizes all-steel strength and stainless-steel components while being protected from the elements with a durable powder coat finish.

  • FLEXES UNDER PRESSURE - Medium Weight, Pro-Style Breakaway Rim
  • LONG-LASTING QUALITY - Powder-Coated Rim and Stainless-Steel Components
  • FITS 3X4 PATTERN - Fits Goalrillas with a 3" x 4" Bolt Pattern
  • COMPATIBLE WITH - Fits all Goaliath Systems
  • INCLUDES: All-Weather Nylon Net

(backboard not included)

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